Yamaha REV500
Yamaha REV500
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blackle 07/18/2012

Yamaha REV500 : blackle's user review

«  Simple and terribly endearing! »

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Offering factory reverb 100 memory called "Preset" and 100 user memories called them "User", divided into four banks: Hall, Room, Plate and Special of 25 memories. The effects are completely stereo, and thus meet the development in space of the signal that enters it. The device is relatively heavy, I guess a sign of good construction.


Usage is very simple and the menus allow easy access to all available parameters. Moreover, four parameters are immediately accessible by four rotary switches. It's great, it helps to make adjustments at any time without going through the menus REV500! In addition to the big screen lit yellow, soon to be manipulated one of these rotary switches, takes shape beautiful curves consisting of small bars. It is extremely talking! For example, when handling the wheel herein "rev time" can be seen emerging growth curve or reverberation decay, with the level on the ordinate and the abscissa time. The REV500 is very simple and allows no time to get what you want.


The effects are really not bad, in fact as isadou, I am also very surprised at some comments on this little Yamaha. Okay it's not upscale, but still is far worse! on the other hand in my mind it blows a little, finally good breath that's life :) Joking layaway, a qualitative point of view she is doing very well this little machine, stamps are respected and spaces realistic view is beautiful.


Clearly oriented REV500 reverb that little has very little defect that could also qualify instead of compromise. It was my first girlfriend reverberant before my husband introduces me to more advanced models. Me it has never disappointed me .. Besides I miss her .. sniff ..

Sarah. A sentimental girl :)