Yamaha REV500
Yamaha REV500
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pierhomme 11/29/2012

Yamaha REV500 : pierhomme's user review

«  Good reverb though obsolete »

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See feature on previous post


Including the management of the south.
In / / with a numerical table, a computer or even a footswitch (I préprogrammais my reverb preset between my time and when I followed my groups to change banks used to live off while keeping an eye on my console)


At the time (late 90's) it sounded great.

Now the sound is exceeded, provided the DSP is no longer up to date.


I use it since 2001 mainly on live voice with a slight delay TC.
I put a little closet lorsqu'ai acquired my m300 that TC had a great time and integrated reverb.
She even used occasionally on the snare.

Still, the beast beast is a little old to our ears accustomed to 48bits/192khz