Paiste 2002 Ride 20"
Paiste 2002 Ride 20"

2002 Ride 20", Ride Cymbal from Paiste in the 2002 series.

sanjuro 11/29/2009

Paiste 2002 Ride 20" : sanjuro's user review


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The Paiste 2002 20" Ride is the Paiste cymbal that I have owned the longest.  It was my first ride, so I am pretty partial to it.  It is probably not the best from the line, but it gets the job done.  Unlike many other 2002's, this is definitely the most versatile.  It has a complex sound that could be used in certain jazz or Latin contexts.  For this reason, I have many different rides but I still bust this out frequently.

The ping is really clear.  It differs greatly from one part of the cymbal to another.  The shoulder is much darker and condensed, where the edge is brighter and more open.  The bell is loud and smooth.  I really enjoy rolling on it with the stick tips as it produces great individual stroke clarity.  It is a reasonably heavy cymbal, so I rarely crash it as it is very overpowering.  It is on the dry side when compared to other 2002's.  This ride also has great stick response and rebound on all parts of the cymbal. 

I usually don't consider ride to be a very breakable cymbal, but this is more durable than the rest for sure.  It provides a vintage rock sound reminiscent of Bonham, Copeland, or Giles.  If this is the sound desired, look no further.  I have been playing a lot of dum n bass style music lately, and have been using the 2002 ride quite a bit.  With the addition of some felt muffling, this sounds great in recordings mimicking electronic drum characteristics. 

For these reasons, I really love this cymbal and would suggest it to anyone.  It isn't cheap, but is still a lot cheaper than Paiste Signatures.  Check it out and you will not be disappointed.  I will always keep this one handy.