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picolo 07/17/2005

Akai Professional Z8 : picolo's user review


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By RAM count against high doses sories spares and internal hard drive, you can imagine the bill.
A little more polyphony would not hurt!


The use is not very easy, not that complicated but there are so many possibilities that you know what to touch even for programs with multi ya x x and each keygroup keygroup are still April 1 samples assigned four zones, with this 2 lfo keygroup by a filter. So a deal for keygroup 8 8 * 2 config paramtrables lfo free (well, not the summons) and 8 filters Different. Oh yes I forget the envelopes (ADSR or otherwise) for each course diffrent keygroup ...
In addition to the same can be said rglages several places like the pitch in the program, or in the multi zone, similar to the volume,
everything is sr leaves complete freedom to configure the machine as in our dreams, but we all know we must let our fantasies ds time where they are.
I stop No we will say that we are never happy, it's clear it's great but need to navigate and not get confused, otherwise it is total freedom.

Good management of the hard drive is really rotten, the OS is waiting I'm tired, you can do anything and it's long! it's her fault if I put 9.


Effect may! but you know now. And especially the outputs spares, it is essential to route them out hand.
Otherwise a ds will share time on a certain config rsonnance dsagrable filter, must be they call a cold ...


It is clear that this is an excellent sampler for hard against the effects shabby and the warmth of its external medium but can be arranged.
Despite its default, I Rasht z without my little problem, but j'espre that the bone will come soon I am impatient.