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TuXi 06/05/2004

Akai Professional Z8 : TuXi's user review


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What can I say except that c is the top of the hardware sampler

the possibility of routing the different parts of the sound is powerful enough

poliphonie normal

the effects are not too bad for mono against four simultaneous effects through c for all tracks

qq bugs remain in the bone and 1.45 JesperE a patch that is delayed

The question that comes Souvant c he's more than the Z4, the effects bin, the digital map (wordclok..)
stain the facade that I find really convenient and 8 pots facade also very practical


Tj handling not as obvious but c all, without reading the manual you can make you shit a long time to find the right option

the edition of its clear but when even a minor complaint at the jog and the edition of the loop regions and it would turn on the jog + shift to move faster while it is only necessary to turn the jog very very long time

sufficient but the manual could have put the example of creation because of its effect lfo routing cut and another envelope for me is not easy to use.

edition of the effect is simple but big c default the output volume effects, there's something wrong with the design of this part (well for me)


Ben must see what you put into it, otherwise c top. c not too made of metal, ca when ca pette Pette and must sleep qaund ca ca has to sleep (like us)


6 months of use

still improvements to be made on the bone

still slow loading sounds, they would face in sth like a rom flash ca
(Yes I know an expander)

value for taking, well I got this Z8HD a Euro 1290 but now the price has increased
but it is reasonable

from the soft c hard to say, the are very soft but with very good stuff behind if they are rotten.

when the hardware remains a dedicated and c what I'm looking first and feet with a sampler not need a powerful PC for a sequencer amiga (nostalige) or a 386 might be enough

one last thing the expander c well because the sounds are all loaded in a sampler c demarage but better because you can put more sounds expander a t you in ))))))))