E-MU E5000 Ultra
E-MU E5000 Ultra

E5000 Ultra, Sampler from E-MU in the Ultra series.

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FP User 10/31/2008

E-MU E5000 Ultra : FP User's user review


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This is one serious sampler. When it comes to how you can sample and edit the sample I feel that there is nothing lacking. It makes the proces fast and easy. there are more features than I can list. But some of the non real time things that are very cool are parametric eq, compressor, DC offset corection. Where this box lacks is in the outputs lack of hard disk and the fx section is a litte less than i would like. I have mine loaded with a ten gig drive and 128 MB of ram. As well as the ten basic sample cd's from emu. I have more sounds in this box than i can count. Lets say a few thousand programs. and there is still 6 gigs left on the drive. It is huge.

Price paid: 2400.00 USD in 1998


This unit is about as easy as it could be but it is kinda like learning to use windows 3.1 or sompthing like that. It is a computer after all.


The sound quality is fantastic. The filters live up to the hype. It is wide open to what ever you want to use it for. There is only two fx and they are useable but only lightly editable. When looking to my rating on this please reolize that I dont expect the fx to sound as good as the ones i get in dedicated units.


The construction is very solid. But the buttons are lacking. I have problems with a few of them now and getting new parts is not easy. As for the costomer support for this unit, EMU are very good.

I love this unit. It is something that i will own till i die. I dont think we will see a more powerfull line of hardware samplers since the world is going to the computer for this. I look forward to the day that i can get all the expansions for this thing cheap. I will continue to load this thing up. If I could only afford the RFX card, then this thing would be set. It in my opinion negates the need for all the outputs that can be added as it could do evrything other than master it's self.

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Posted by: Unknown ( 4-, 2003)