E-MU E5000 Ultra
E-MU E5000 Ultra

E5000 Ultra, Sampler from E-MU in the Ultra series.

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ipm 06/01/2012

E-MU E5000 Ultra : ipm's user review

«  bluffing »

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Value For Money : Poor
Express opinion: missing some separate outputs and an output num home. possibility of an internal IDE hard drive or other solutions more interresting and more modern these days.


adept electro typed Modjo / Royksopp, (I know but I love anyway):
- Config simple
- Editing sounds a bit messy,
- Manual very clear English (not French I know
- Edition of the parameters from easy to difficult,

as indicated below, assignment of controllers not terrible (although it is implemented as a function) and the range of values ​​always range 0 to 127.


I have good clear AKAI S3000 series, and the EMU e5000 so I can compare a bit,
- Transparent? can be ...
- Effects: I find ways (no RFX32 in mine)
- Filters: hummmmmmmmmmmm, akai is clearly the pick, it's been almost feel sorry for these same generation of samplers
- Dynamic: sooooo boooonnnne


- Not long but enough to make me a good idea of ​​my little beast
- 'Love the fact that it works without a PC and I get out what I want, with real output on a real console, not something that comes out of a PC polluted by noise on an output ELECTRONICS JACK! (Ok I exaggerate)
- Some models akai: MPC 1000, S3000, S3200 (I have one), CD 3000 (I have one, S3000 XL (... right, I), Ensoniq tested some time ago and stuff various tested as well. but he is doing better after I'm not a fan of samplers softs.
- Feature I like: the ROM cards, (ultra expensive on EBAY), and the arpergiateur cords. the flash rom (I did not)
- I do not like: the price and scarcity of options used: it's anything.

value for money: for the hardcore: sound very good for not too expensive (150 euros), after when compared with software products, will Verily love hard.