EMULATOR II+HD, Sampler from E-MU.

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Docteur Frog 08/28/2008

E-MU EMULATOR II+HD : Docteur Frog's user review


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The Emulator II sampler is at the "keyboard" that the Yamaha DX7 is synthtiseur "digital" is to say the world's best selling. Frquent United States is to see a child learn the piano on the old EII's first set his disposal in his room, the keyboard is still running on scne (only because it states n 'there is that down there are still o spices: In France it is better to keep the house warm-up time limit you never know).

No better than his little ERRF the Emulator 1, it retains, however CHARACTERISTICS redundant as the Z80 processor, micro DMA controller but the intgre Sampling 16Bits (then it will be the S1000 or the EIII frquence to find this). The Emulator II is a feat of technology. And like E-MU's understanding of history, sync between two EMU II silent perfect.
And especially this time he combines this philosophy with a sampler coupled analog synthtiseur making the references.
At o Box Synchronizing still CV Gate, the EII is parat of the finest assets: Midi, SMPTE, RS422 ... a luxury.

Whereas advance for the era, the EII possdait indpendantes 8 analog outputs, a large memory capacity (up to 1 MB) <p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>did smile today</span> and an ultra stable OS tables on diskette, plus a blue LCD screen for clear-rtro scne the dark or the Studio. Once turned on the magic oprait.

Beyond the sound aspect is its physical appearance will be remembered as such a woman advantageous morphology or exciting, the Emulator II has all of a woman, moreover, that whoever possde contradict me a ... :-). Excuse me the word, this machine has my ass hell.

1996 Photo by Jeff Bergman

On scne can not miss an EIII EII as an elsewhere that is more and deeper profile. The EII is an imposing army and gray colors, with the front panel gives this contrast cyan BCAN guerrire a look. For the noise level is really the war ...
All Pro Studios at the time, post-production, broadcast, Composers BOF and New Wave group, or an electro possdent EII.
<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>the same group "Muscles" club Dorothe ... is to say. Claude, if you read us :-)</span>
In 1986, the era scne On the silent IDAL Set: 1x Emulator II or 2, a Roland D50 and Korg M1, Yamaha DX7 one and why not as an analogue Prophet5 - OB8 - ObxA - or jupiter 8 and go for a minimoog form and a W200 or a MarkII for the vintage.

. 8-bit Digital Sampler
. RESOLUTION 14-bit +
. 8-channel multitimbral
. Sampling of Frquence 27.777 kHz
. 5 octave keyboard appreciably vlocitbr />. Pitch (up / sound on pianos, organs - Descending on Synths)
. Modulation Wheel
. Analog Low Pass Filters
. 1MB RAM ugradable
. Sequencer: 1 song (after a REPRESENTATIVES pattens or loops)
. Sequencer: 8 tracks
. Sync MIDI / SMPTE / RS-422.

Emulator II:::

Available in 1984 (Anne charnire music of the 80 "both musical and technological) Emulator II is about the core with 512 KB of RAM for samples, one floppy disk, and no hard disk. E-mu Systems has tried to market with a MODEL 256 Ko Cheap but it never emerged. Given the price of RAM and hard drives, the ide of a marketed version Lgre for musicians Pro possdant dj full version seemed sduisante. Good.

. 512 KB sample memory
. 6018: Single floppy
. 6028: Dual floppy
. Dmontr Winter NAMM 1984
. Available in June 1984

Emulator II +::: Beginners 1985

The Emulator II + of possde a bank of 512 KB of memory plus sample, allowing the download of a Set of Samples in parallle THE FIRST memory bank. Scne this option is daunting.
We can then switch from one another and go on food samples during a game

. 1 MB sample memory
. 6050: Single floppy
. 6051: Upgraded from EII
. 6053: Upgraded from EII
. 6060: Dual floppy
. Submitted in 1985 and marketed

Emulator II + HD::: end 1985

Last MODEL of gnration EmuII. It offers a hard disk
20 MB install of origin and a Floppy drive deuxime 3.5 ".
Offering and 46 sound banks be saved in memory fates which is much faster than the floppy drive tradional.

. 1 MB sample memory home
. 20 MB Hard Disk home
. 6075: Floppy + Hard Disk
. Submitted in 1985 - 1985 Commercial beginners end 1986


Simple is difficult.
User manual uncertain in French, it will be the translation of the manuscript SP12 to find matches of Sampler of EII.
In the era the use of English may be less silent dmocratise today and yet the grip a silent breeze.

And the version II + HD scne on high performance, the use is a real pleasure.

OS is another time a little temperamental, but never read. Also in Sampling mode. Backups are recommended RPTES of being prog or Sample presets. Otherwise a motion. Fortunately, the plurality of FD can leave the OS on Floppy.


Sounds daunting, as the dynamics on the quality and the era as now o we try in vain to obtain the same GRAIN that era said ...


Now I can not keep you, mama
Goal I know you&#39;re Always There ("Mama" Genesis)

Pamis mythical groups that have used the Emulator II in the 80 ", Depeche Mode, Mickal Jackson, Eurythmics and Genesis are the four srement emblmes E-mu of the era. (Our national Jean-Michel Jarre had thrown at her on the Fairlight dvolu 2x: ref. Zoolook and others even if an EII is still available in studio)

Other artists of international renown are also proud of the Emulator II REPRESENTATIVES: Tangerine Dream, New Order (ref. concert in Montpellier Znith 1989-2 scne on EII), Front 242 (ref. DM concert in Bercy 1987 - 2 of scne), Simple Minds, Enya, Vangelis, Yes, Stevie Wonder, Pet Shop Boys, Francky goes to Hollywood (2 EII), Propaganda (2 EII ppg + 1) etc..

The Emulator II and revolutions, has sduire all musicians from around the world during the six years following the Premire production. The EIII most comprehensive but more expensive but has luiaussi sduit significantly less in amount than the EII.
Then came the fashion of the rack with their dogma of the "transparent" Aka o Kurzweil and were able to find a place.

But if you cross the road one day a Emulator II + HD-hand sale and that it does no damage Submitted, and deep down you hear a voice that "Vieeens ... ".
Get out your notebook and a chque dpense trs modest today you will do the most good.