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Yann Polar 05/08/2005

Ensoniq ASRX Pro : Yann Polar's user review


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32 polyphony, a password to make instrumentals search. No need to double the sounds, they type in the red on their own (unlike some machines that require double or even triple for the sound to make it sound bigger and stronger, which really does not help in passing the polyphony)

Effects of DP4: there really is not much (40 all of the same effects, Varis and versatile, excellent quality, low and midrange Lexicon or TC are buried), only three are apply all sounds BUT
1) with the resampling, this limitation is quickly canceled, you want to have an effect on channel 2 and another on channel 3? resample the channel 2 with its effect, and you're jou ...
2) little effect, but the quality is sublime. If you know the effects of DP2, you salivate dj if you do not already know, you will have the chance to take your Premire slap sound.

Standard Memory: 2MB (ha ha!) Expandable 66 MB + 2 MB of ROM sounds effective (111 waveforms, low battery, through the magnificent Transwave) + possibility to add the map Urban Dance internal sound ROM, 24 MB of sounds and more: these cards can not be found and research, it is the parat trs good.

possibility to add a memory of mass SCSI 3 (a zip, a disc Rude) to make him swallow a lot of little sounds concocted with love by you on PC formats accepted:. wav (yes, really) , AIFF, AKAI, Ensoniq (how bizarre)

In fact, sending samples from WaveLab or SoundForge via SCSI does not work well trs (euphmisme), my solution is to send the samples from the PC into an AIFF or zip DD in a SCSI, then connect the zip or DD aforementioned ASR, then load the sound in the scratchpad of the Ensoniq and compose as a. .. This is less direct, but it works as well.

Connections: 2 inputs, two outputs, headphone, Midi trio, SCSI 3, 8 output expansion cards supplmentaires (at prohibitive prices: Do not rvez is dispensable option, instead of evokes a certain card above.)

Utility edition? PC or Mac? Not at all. Why? because the sampling is ais and intuitive, although the machine is not intuitive in its TRS program management, but with a little practice you get used to rev well. no style SoundDiver editor on PC though.
For those who insist all the same, there are utilities to switch from PC to ASR 10 (this is the great FRRE) ENSONIQ sound format: If the general can do that, a priori, the small can too. But given the time spent making the conversions, it is better to burn a CD in AKAI format or AIFF.

Rating: 9.5


First point: the machine is solid! all in red mtal it inspires trust and reliability. It's always reassuring when making concerts. In this regard: not a bug, not a crash ...

Deuxime point: in four hours, it was almost all-inclusive on this machine, provided you have a little dj tt samplers: the first samples, searching for sounds in the internal ROM (what begin to pieces without a blush), Resampling in three steps (press the Record / sampler / assign the sample a note on the keyboard / worship / restart), dosage effects, channel management, the first step s quencing ...

Intuitive, yes, the word in concert must sound effortless, and without being obliged to resort to manual. This one is well done, but given the simplicity of the machine you may decline to break out your English course to get to read it.

- The edition of sounds and effects is it easy?
Demonstration by example:
I'm on the piste1: with the left wheel CATEGORY I choose to apply sound (drums, bass, hit, organ, TRANSWAVE, FX sounds or samples) with the dial on the right I select the sound in particular.
I press record
I play the notes on the keyboard (a dish you? It's nice, eh?) Or my samples assigned to the keyboard.
I press stop, and I apply to be a global effect or an effect on a track or an effect on a pad of a track (it's subtle, no? Basically beat the drum will rverbe lgre and subtle, the bass beat ct will be distorted effect FlangeoDelay Phra Terence Fixmer and Outcast)
Total time of opration: less time than it takes to dcrire!
APRS is going on track 2 and start again.


The ASR 10 is not as intuitive (but what a beautiful bte, too ...), samplers Rack will never give you as many possibilities in such a short time, the current samplers (RS 7000 Yam or MPC 2000) are able to give you the same rsultat (although in terms of sound, was being discussed ...) but I do not think that happens so quickly was that with the ASR ...
The only bbte as intuitive as I practice, the SP 808: in two hours, it was the turn of the most simple and you can start composing.


- The A / D and D / A are transparent?
As would regret and estimable nours, NO! but that's precisely what makes the diffrence with the rest of the current machines:
If you want a brilliant, numrique, cold, you can always go to the competition.
If you want a sound that moves, which gives your life prods Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Electro, Electro Jazz, you take the ASR. It's as simple as a. .. Or you prparez dpenser normment in sub compressor and equalizer lamp ...
Well, say that the sound quality of the ASR is the level of slices AMEK Avalon or vintage, should not push, but if you already have heard the sound of compressors TL Audio Mindprint or slices, could ensure a memories ...

In short, (clich alert) with Ensoniq, you have the big sound amricain (clich alert)

- Effects and filters are effective?
It's more the efficiency is art.


Well, the Ensoniq is a story of passion, we will not return to the top, was not explained.
On paper, it is outclassed by BCAN latest issue (although 66 MB RAM, SCSI, the effects pro and editing capabilities as standard, is not common) but in terms of ITS, Ensoniq is still one of the best companies provide tools that come to carry you.

Do the math: Of all your BCAN, samplers, squenceurs, MPC, synths, there is only one that is there a real need and that you do not spare it for the world?
So what?