Ensoniq ASR-10
Ensoniq ASR-10
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radikal 01/15/2009

Ensoniq ASR-10 : radikal's user review


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31 voice polyphony
Converter: d after the manual: a asr10 the bottom of the technology is a bit sigma-delta stro surchantillonage factor 64, with d frquence chantillonage choisr between 30 and 44.1 kHz
50 effects algorithms 24-bit rverbs, chorus, flanging, phasing, distortion, delay, simulation ... speakers for use with external sources Rel. kill time.
the asr n not like that too is changed to a disturbing effect, for few seconds it lacks a sound or a begaille half a second ...
memory of 2 mgaoctets, it can add up mgaoctets 16 (a more than adequate)
Audio: 1 Stereo headphone jack output, 2 outputs mono jacks (right and left), 2 x mono jack (right and left) as an option in digital out (rare) and 6 mono outputs (which makes total of 8 mono outputs (its cooler than the headphone output), convenient for multitrack recording studio, just out sync)
PM: 1 in 1 out and a thru.
Optional SCSI connection (super mega important, not misery is ac)
etc ...
Utility of edition on pc, mac ... I know ...


Gnrale configuration is simple for me, I did beat one of the first full evening.
edition of sounds and effects, easy if you want something normal, after if you want to grow, there are many parameters, some so complex c is the choice.
Manual light, feed, enough, a guy that has the experience will not necessarily need bouquin.ya no wave form and then! the som, has been working to al ear.


The converters provide heat to the claret and samples, sound Rican.
Council, after having sampler: standardize and fupport of the boost: a killing!!
effects and filters are so good that one of these four j vai me pay the Ensoniq DP4. pa damage is kind of moog knobs but hey ..
Dynamic compliance without problem.

15/01/08 I notice that the sound is warmer at the output jack stereo headphone output that spares ... so be it recorded a headphone output or you buy a pre amp tube multitrack.


J has been using about 2 years and I will not let go any time soon.
the sound that kills the squenceur is to forget ...
j had an Akai S2800, nothing to do ... sounds solo taient ds transparent but that has returned to the house mix, a lightweight filter veiled sound aaaaaaaahhhhh am nervait.avec the asr the sounds come out hot and often better optient j mix live out of the bte rather than swing and mix the samples to the result on the PC cold (I cursed the pc, great hardware!). j I as a mpc 3000 which is a squenceur rolls, sound: clear, clear, dynamic but I prfere asr10 of heat, the sudden I connect the two machines, as MPC3000 sequencer, sampler as AS10, keyboard command midi.je talks to pass because I've gained a asq10 d akai, the same as MPC3000 sequencer, can be some diffrence insignifientes because the bone is not the same n and I will sell the mpc 3000 for I used it not the party sampler.
jl I buy 700 euros of ocaz (scsi option, memory full, spares outlets, with a syqwest 270 mb), not expensive at all for the feedback, let go your PC and buy the real stuff. the akai S2800 m had cost 11,000 francs al epoque and n has not reached the ankle of Ensoniq.
the asr al epoque cost a fortune but the people who have had the well-cushioned and still need the use of course.
I would do without this choice hsitations, asr and I c is for life.