Roland VariOS
Roland VariOS
FP User 10/31/2008

Roland VariOS : FP User's user review


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What I think is really missing is what allways seems to be missing with Roland. Continuous support and development of thier products. Roland launched the VariOs claiming it was open system but I am rather disapointed that no new emulations have been made. This thing has potential but I am afraid it will gradualy disapear from the market without ever fulfilling everything procalimed that would come from Roland. I hope I am wrong because I really love this thing.

899 Euros


The software and the limited buttons on the machine make this thing extremely easy to use. After about 4 hours you can allready be using some potential of this baby.

So far so good but it didnt work for about 1 month. I eventually opted for updating the OS to the latest version and was also forced to then update the 303 and JP8 software and somewhere along the way something went wrong. The solution was to factory rest and start from the beginning. That solved it. I guess thats not Rolands fault is was a user error.


Sound quality is fantastic especialy the emulation of the TB-303 with additional functionality of sliders for programing and a bunch of effects. This thing sounds even better with more variety than the original thanks to the add on features Roland implemented. There is also an emulation of the JP-8 which also sounds pretty good but it doesnt give me the kick the 303 does. Another fantastic included option is the implementation of Roland Variphrase technology. The essence of this is to give ease to sampling. This thing really shines with sampling and layering drum samples. You can easily change and edit everything.


I would allways get this baby again but I am afraid (as mentioned before) that ROLAND will not continue the developement on this machine. I also need to spend more time on this machine and implement it into my productions. The 303 really makes this baby worth every cent :-)

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Posted by: Jackin_J ( 8-, 2005)