Yamaha SU200
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Nichlaws 05/03/2004

Yamaha SU200 : Nichlaws's user review


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Cot features, it is true that this may seem BCAN interesting, but do not rely on it as long, it may be particularly tonn to see the (too) low ettendue capabilities.
Polyphony, insufficient
Effects, virtually no
Midi and audio connection standard. No mono outputs spares


Certainly the method of dition of sample is simple, maisd can we really speak of shipping? It is precisely l dcption I could feel by using this machine.
It is a kind of DSP that does the job. The hen onpratique edition of the high dose sample, with SF 6 (sample editor for PC), then recess was enough to be heavily.
Another point of comparison, I use in parallel, a YAMAHA EX5R, who owns a 3000 A chantilloneyr CLNE of the maeque and as many say that the tense of possibilitquot, is without comparison.


Since it is a sampler. all dpend dej source sample, and remarks beast mchante brings us a note again that this machine makes no modif of the structure of the sample, in the sense that it understood in terms of synthesis.
The effects are super basic. filters can only possibly give the feel of a vintage sound type TB ... and again!


Without interest,
Too expensive for what it does!
SAVE a little better and pay Aka