Yamaha SU200
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Alcorine 02/10/2003

Yamaha SU200 : Alcorine's user review


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The SU200 has 6 voice polyphony, no glove compartment a real but more than adequate sampler for drum sounds and loops synchronized. Note, however, the use of polyphony Stereo food and the impact (2 votes for the Scratch!)
The converters are only correct as it can go up to 5 kHz 44.1 kHz 16-bit, unfortunately, this RESOLUTION block use effects.
Effects super basic, ininterressants limits: the slice and loop remix to change the groove of the loop, a delay when you want oprer valid variations on a rhythm, a filter but not great fun, a disto anecdotal.
The memory is sufficient for standard samples of batteries and two to three loops but it is better to use a smartmdia oprer backups and import sounds from the PC.
The connection is Bigarre: best: I / O format audio jack 1 / 4,
most zero: a MIDI IN, not OUT (not practical in a MIDI config, the SU200 ncessairement should be the end of the string), the headphone output jack 1 / 8.
on the other hand, edit sounds on a computer that is easy, any editor will do, then you TRANSFR the sample on the Smartmedia (provided you have a card reader).


The highlight of the SU200: its extreme simplicity binds to the little buttons and especially its synthetic step trs (all information unless it displays the wave sample).
Sampler, a truncation is the simplicity of a child, enough to be dgout samplers pro for a while (when Akai or E-Mu as easy?). The application is intuitive effects. The sounds are in units of sample dcoups hyper practices when Determines the point of commencement at the end of the sample.
The manual is the image of the machine: simple!


The converters are good, you go up but this RESOLUTION 44.1 kHz, the effects are no longer usable. The frquences range from 44.1 5 through 11 and 22, depending on the nature of sound there is a good dynamic.


I use it for two weeks, but I quickly saw the limitations of bte: polyphony monitor prs, no squenceur (they could at least put a type of "16 steps" as the DX200 and AN200), no multitimbral. I dj possde a SP-303 and Akai S1100 but the SU200 possde j'apprcie few peculiarities: it is easier to handle than the SP-303 especially for the edition samples, it allows a small multi-Sampling of an octave, it syntonize loops to the same tempo for a game live. Its simplicity is what this monument sduisante face with the S1100 hard drive, its menus, its fine ditions and all the rest, and is more flexible than the SP-303 for importing WAV sounds The backup card, the partitioning of non-banks TR-play mode.
At this price you can well pass on anecdotal effects, scratch shit and lack of squenceur.