Yamaha A5000
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Ala'Mala 03/28/2005

Yamaha A5000 : Ala'Mala's user review


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Excellent in 64 or 128 polyphony Stereo ds rack 2U (Fin spacing non dmontables) 10kg, converters trs good, the effects a must 6 assignable blocks in all directions, which confrent's a super pro.
sequencer equipped with a booster.
4meg stretch 128
4 audio outputs 2midi in / out a half throu a SCSI2 format faade headphone in two and rglage step trs clear by the way, well done!
6 expandable analog and SPDIF coax ES +
utility exists and works on scsi practice because he reads a lot of format.
It can carry a SCSI or IDE HD 8 GB Max volume partitioned into 1gig max
supports the Zip drive
Doc in French, 8CD 1cd sound pro sound and gnralistes 1cd soft (it is not full, it is the n essence) 4 floppy disks and ZIP Cablerie for HD etc.
Full trs


The configuration is not simple for me I culture Roland desktop mouse, but if done right, if you do not look at the doc.
1defaut the pots are notched and replace the pav numrique, they are slow, it is better to go through the pads that are based on them, a remarkable Russianness.
CASC and disk are relatively slow for transferring large amounts
the edition is not usual for me, but once I understood the topo rolled it back a little graphic.
The manual is in the same spirit, if you understand it well, if not, you adapt it from a culture
franais illustrated in black and white, but full upside is half of the book that put the beginners!


The converters are good trs sound is dynamic and trs gnreux large effects even without hyper mix it well even on a Berhinger
The sound is gnrale trs trs beautiful music, it's not like Akai sounds or sound "recording" neutral rev limit death. The Yam little trs be neutral but it still vibrates.
The effects are numerous and powerful Varis, trs trs ffective and configurable, plus filters that work is full of tricks (it's the edition)
Equalisers with the output has a large slice of his, but it is not Roland is Different.
if you have the option to mix outputs supplmentaires a kill.


One week of use gives me a glimpse, and I do not think large surprises I dj returned property is a machine which takes great, with a low ACCS on disk. More than a machine is an instrument that will make you want to play. live test but not with the program 'and complte sequenseur has done.
In fact, I aurra tried before, I probably bought new aurra There's a long time.