Korg ElecTribe ESX1
Korg ElecTribe ESX1

ElecTribe ESX1, Sampling Sequencer from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

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Lezartkayks 01/19/2005

Korg ElecTribe ESX1 : Lezartkayks's user review


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I've had 2 months, just a turie!
Robust (compared his ancestor the ES1)
- 16 x3 assignablent effects or cascade
- A FITRE CutOff Rso Env applicable LPF, HPF, BPF and BPF + on each share
- A 5 reasons Ossile with modulation applied on the pitch, the cutoff, amplitude or Pannel
- A ToutchPad for bearings and the arpeggiator
- A slider to control the arpeggiator notes
- 9 Parts Rithmique
- Keyboard Parts 2, sUsing vaguely like a keyboard synthbr /> - 2 Stretch Parts, can synchronize samples
- Part 1 Slice dcouper that allows a sample (eg a rithmique) and synchronizes
- Patern of 128 pads
- A emmoire of 256 seconds in 16 bit 44.1 kHz (mono The stro takes 2x more space!)
- An output casuqe (lol)
- 2 outputs Stro
- Taking a Line / Mic
- Two lamps, boost the sound, making it hotter (good OverDrive)
- Connection MIDI: IN and OUT trhu
- A pro immedia also much more robust than the ES1


Its use is large tent gives it a sampler, it's internal functions are numerous.
It is used both Live in Home Studio
Personally, I use it for the Live HardCore Hardtek or sometimes, with all rglage we can live ... This is crazy sweet! A pure moment of happiness, as I like the fiddling!


C is the Korg, but the sound was dj amlior recently, the quality of the filters has become relatively reliable, it's 16 bit 44.1 kHz (CD KLite koi ...) c enough !


I use it for 2 months and I too say anything about its weak points.
Its strong point is not to say Ya, Ya Gain! K The bed is the appointment
The evolution of the ES1 is dramatic, I say ... "Korg ... bravo!"
The price is reasonable given its capabilities, I do not regret u (expo in 740).

I expect the next exit, korg j'esspaire that remain in their lanc