Korg ElecTribe ESX1
Korg ElecTribe ESX1

ElecTribe ESX1, Sampling Sequencer from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

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shama_fr 05/03/2004

Korg ElecTribe ESX1 : shama_fr's user review


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It will not redo the sheet: it's enough to go home to korg aurra you a better description! There's a shot of the samples and c rigo very easy to record good samples! Regarding the effects are nothing to criticize c perfect last good one very very very good machine etc. etc.


It's been one month that I have this machine and I had never really done n the sound has on fruity loops but then the c incryable progression that I've done the above I am near a place of sounds for a whole night so very very very good grip if you see a little about how a walking pattern! I m sourtout serve to make hardtek and hardkor but not really do what we want with it but if the patient


The sound quality is incredibly exellente g even register friends with an old post has cassettes and I from sample to ca and I promised that the sound is very good so basically the sound is perfect for me especially for hardtek the effects of distortion and compressor are very very good


I therefore use the 1 month and g is the friends ki es1 and em1, quality price ratio is not the picture is ESX1 can be a bit expensive but it worth it if you really want a groovebox I recommend sincerely to save even a little and the purchase are no better now live louse type or even a good sampler for this machine is huge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!