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Cyberfred 03/31/2005

Yamaha RS7000 : Cyberfred's user review


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For a system that type squenceur / sampler: this station is a "turnkey" one branch and it produces sound.
There are two audio outputs, a MIDI IN, MIDI OUT 2 outputs, a standard sound bank, (1054!), 63 drum kits, a polyphony of 62 notes (a real orchestra). In short there is plenty to do!
was not enough? So be it!
The part that synthse possde an ADSR modulates the shape of the wave (and yes, it's the Wave table), a filter ADSR, LFO ....
For squenceur: it's simple, it is wonderful: you can make sentence of 256 steps! There are 16 possible variations for each pattern.
The MIDI implmentation is complte.
As for the filters: monstrous low pass, high pass, and notch, the low pass / high pass (2 frquences cut with a parameter of the distance to Spar at the cutoff frquence! Version 1.02 and +)

In terms of functionality and CHARACTERISTICS, it took the I do not see what we can do better ...

You can put the days of OS RS7000, which adds new features.


Usage is quite simple: the interface is well thought out.

We can talk to this machine, difficult to use scroll. I mean by that is very easy to produce a quickly loading all of its banks lends.

on the other hand, if you want to get into the bowels of the "bte" to get the original sounds, or if you want to drive the machines that have no MIDI implmentation and g rer of automation by NRPN, or grate the vnement by Sysex ... is taking longer, but it is certainly not feasible for the RS7000!

Loop remix mode allows you to make changes in the flight loop. The Groove, once well matris adds a human touch and deal very easy and quickly.

As for the manual, it is rather basic but adequate.

We regret only a small "Preview" that would cost the sound before importing them in the sampling.

So yes it is unnecessary function "gadget" as Roland D-beam. But then quickly, waving his hands in the air, to the pileptique in public ...

Go, 9 / 10 (because of manual paper which is not of good quality ...)


Can be very easy to make low power type "Drum n 'Bass" with Unison and the LFO. The kicks are ample basis for techno, and if a wrong, you can always spring collection outdoor sampler.

Some think that the sound sounds too mtallique. I say that sounded too clean or too cold.
As for those who say she has a bad sound ...
Well, you know the old story of bad workman who accuses his bad tools ... (Laughs)

The filters are trs (or too powerful): Imagine that you can act on a spell bass / treble with a Q, which can increase up to 32 db suplmentaire more assignable filters per voice, over the filter ADSR over the filter-General for the end ... (The compressor: a masterpiece).

For filters, I have not heard more on a machine of type "GrooveBox".


That, to me, the best investment to make live techno.

I sound since 1997 and we were not hurt small machines in our "tribe" (MC 303, Electribe ES, ER, EA, RM1x, SP505, MC09, RM1x, DX200 ...) and that, For me, the best investment to make live techno (trance of the Hardcore).

It's been a while since I stroke his knobs and I never rsussi the block in terms of functionality and its (still the sound or monitor speakers who "crack" before ... )

For if you are against investing in this type of machine, a budjet prvoyez to buy a device for transport.
Also remember to date the OS to have more impact. Consider investing in strips expansion memory (32MB is sufficient, unless you want to sample songs entires ...).

The output extension spars is not really useful unless you plan to invest in a multi externality and a mixer.

All fawn, what matters is the fawn to use it!