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Rege 12/06/2004

Yamaha RS7000 : Rege's user review


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The RS was released at the time with a connection "old" (SCSI, not USB), so diffficile to be compatible with the computer world in 2004. If you buy the basic version, you can count on options (increase the memory up to 64 MB, add the map of separate output ,...). Good all-inclusive with the purchase, almost y'en for 1800-2000 € (well I think because I bought it in 2001).
Big bank sounds (it sounds rather cold so yamaha), 64 MB samplers with the extension (over 7 minutes in mono sound 16bits/44.1 khz here leaves room to see ahead), and of course the internal sequencer. I also want to add an additional use as possible to the bike, midi controller. and yeah this bike is so damn good you can drive anything with! DEMONIC ...... I pass the details, but basically you can do anything with this machine.


So there, there's pros and cons. I have 6 months before you understand the spirit in which it must be used after this course, you scopes creations. This bike is just incredible. Then I hear those who will say, yes, but the sequencer is super reloud to program, I say ok, there's no usb 2.0 and everything, I still say ok, There's only two touch pads c is small compared to an MPC, again a point.
But I say to make a pattern, you choose among the hundreds of existing loops, you apply them to any of 16 MIDI tracks, with any sounds or samples, any time in the piece, in changing the pattern as you want. I say that the live, it gets crazy.
And here is that the loop mode, you put yourself in song mode, and there you sequence what you want as a conventional sequencer (I pass characteristics, but I tell you right now, it's very heavy ...) add to this all the parameters real time, it is very simple, I think 90% of the Bécanne is controllable in real time. We can obviously control everything via MIDI in real time.
So what? you always have the same opinion. If I tell you that you have two touch pads (like MPC) and you can assign samples on small black and white keys. Still not convinced ... Go, the coup de grace: the tempo of the Bécanne is assignable real-time "tap tempo". So the musicians who play in groups, they say what?
As for samples, frankly, who y'en choosy because I use samples I've done live, and I tell you right away, without machines that warm sound, c ' is the big sound. plus 7 minutes you can sample in mono, 14 stereo, there's a margin ....


For sound, it is clear that the RS is average, except for electronic kits that are simply enormous. In fact, you spend all in a preamp or QQC which warms the sound and rhythmic slamming you against ... For the synthesis itself is too simplistic for my taste: amateur synthesis on your way. For low, some leads and pads "as is" with some experiments: is terrible, especially when warm sound. Some sounds are great, others nazes, matter of taste. I want to say that when I bought it, I knew that it sounds in the yavait Bécanne: agréble surprise nonetheless ...


What a machine that has not had the success it could have for those who had missed, you can still catch up, it is still for sale ... When I buy, I wanted a sequencer and a sampler, an MPC what. and then the gray machine with big buttons and the name of the jet, and I tested. I had the direct flash. J'me'm saying, well well There's the sampler, there's the sequencer, there's the sounds, there's the touch pads, there's the sorites 2 midi out,, there's at least 20 knobs . There I said to myself, this is a good Bécanne hiding his game And yeah, you want a machine that sounds, it's not great overall, except for the kits, bass and certain leads and fx, but if you Bécanne definitely want a live, it's just what you need. It's simple, for now I have a synth noon, if I had five more, I think that is the RS, which controls all while keeping me some parameter to control myself same. This is the nerve center of my studio .. For fans of live music electro in general: when are you going to buy it?

PS: I still have the first OS I 0 bugs since I have ...