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CedX 10/20/2003

Yamaha RS7000 : CedX's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I'm not all that rpter adj t words, starts well connatre the bte.
The connection is sufficient (for the map outputs spares is almost superfluous, do not buy it unless you really need in your studio). A good place for two MIDI outputs. The only regret is the lack of a USB (SCSI is deprecated nowadays). For the transfer of samples between ordinary and RS, would have simplified handling.
Gnrateur The sound is of good quality, the sounds are of good quality and quantity apprciable, although not exactly original (but sufficient for a typical electronic production). The sampler is basic (you can not stack samples) but effective. Sufficient in many cases.
The effects are many and we can say that this is one of the strengths of the machine (distortions, a real rgal!) With squenceur. Too bad we can not change the effect of assigning blocks Chorus / Delay and Reverb. T have three variations prfrable.
The effect is an excellent IDE Master, although not compltement implementations (AIM I can save SETTING THE effect with my pattern).
Equalizer is available on each track, as well as the Master. What to do without a console.
The squenceur is undoubtedly the matress pice of the machine. East Pattern and frankly it is well thought dowry full MIDI time rel (Unison, Octave, MIDI Delay ...) that s'avrent handy and can express crazy (you can really do improvisation with a machine like). Only regret: the polyphony limit 62 notes (soon enough if abused MIDI effects).
The MIDI implmentation is perfect! We can do ANYTHING. Cubase can go get dressed!
The arpgiateur is the only downside to the machine. More basic than a, you die! A forgotten. Well liked and I also have more rglages on ADSR envelopes (not adapted tjrs all sounds).


A little difficult to CASC to beginners (it's like you put in the hands Cubase! Fo a little getting used to), the interface will be well thought rvle in the end. Everything is easily accessible, there is the import of samples that could be done a little better (the preview samples would not be the luxury Mr Yamaha!).
The manual is acadm trs, trs not clear. Nothing is missing, but some points have to be dvelopps (I saw one or two Describes information on a single line in all 350 pages of the manual !!!).


I talked a little above. Nothing wrong, sounds suit every producer of electronic music (broadly defined: hip-hop, techno, exprimental ...). The ism, well we can forget (pianos, guitars ... not a c, but not c trs useful given the target audience). But there tjrs the sampler if you short of your ism (although it does not allow all).
There is no keyboard, but the squenceur gre all that is possible in MIDI. The term is well rendered.


It's been three months now that I have and frankly I regret not buying my (1300 euros new! When I see the diffrence in price with the MC-909 ki better gure does ...).
The squenceur is a real massacre (c ke the RM1x the same and I never seen better)! Sounds like me enough (I use even less and less samples because I m'aperois adj almost everything she kil for).
My only real regret about the machine in the end: the Smart Media card reader. I have never seen a player as slow! To save a file weighing 20 MB, I fo about 10 minutes! While on the computer, 2 minutes is plenty. Fortunately, loading bcp is shorter (2-3 minutes for the same file). But is more convenient these days than SCSI.
Nanmois as the face of competition (MC-909, MPC-4000), the machine possde an excellent qualitprix. Ms. consquent with a larger budget, I would not buy anything else (I tested the MC-909 before, and I do not believe t ... except for faders, handy!).
Apart from an RS9000 can be ... O)

PS: the machine is rpute have a lot of crashes. Personally, I've had one or 2, ki in three months of intensive use is low. Is just a little bug is annoying ki and everyone has observed: a small loss of sync when changing style (luckily, the 16 patterns of each style can not change it too).