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Patrick.salvador 05/30/2003

Yamaha RS7000 : Patrick.salvador's user review


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See below


It is in the technical specifications, o dbouche practice hurts the bottom: I have - never - had a machine, or simply be ddi music as little reliable than this shit !!!!! RS7000 he plant, bug, and those, better than Windows 95! a horror. April 12, 2003, I jou for 30 minutes with. Why 30 minutes? mouarf, I have a pt lead after the 3rd crash, which forced me to press "stop" and (re) "play" every time! And yet, I have this lucky day t l. few days before selling it to me square described a "fatal error", forcing me to dye and ralumer (it's not the very first time)! How it happened? haha, I returned to the kitchen, and I look! and ottoman, he seedling! heuu I prcise, nothing turned the now !!!!!!! yamaha thank you! so on the green and not mrs! Otherwise, set by the operating system (1.2) is much more than a couple Bugu anthlon/kt133/winMillenium is - guess - standards possibility of "bte" (which the day will be held o the bone the way). MIDI effects trs interrassants as radicals and musically interested, a squenceur with features that allow us to move easily from the software, not left for shipping - no, that is when you have swelling will enter a phrase with such control change (trs swelling). The ergonomics of diffrent functions on the faade is as well thought as trs tidy. Example, the same night he o plant 3 times I played in the dark edge of the visibility: it makes no false manoeuvre.Je even when - 2 - as a note, because the machine Likewise it is a monster on paper, and will be with an operating system that makes sense ... But - 2 - precisely because of its rotten Systm up the bone, which does not operate the machine 100%. To say that I turn it on ds, I freaking handle ... Sr if it is to mumuse home, it does not matter.

Although sr, the Service APRS sale Yamaha has found nothing wrong with ... normal!

Mourf, I know someone uses it on scne ki, he changed his pattern alone .. drle too!


To brief on the presets, either the effects or sounds, these are just the factory presets. We must put our hands in to leave something interresting. but the TRS has become interesting. I find the effects of saturation of the RS fairly radical, musical, or as rglages, carément devastating! nothing to do with gadgets that are called "saturation" or "overdrive" that are often found in other synth. Not forget that Yamaha also makes pedals for guitar that good reputable ... The party has a synth synth vritable Intgr. 3 envelopes, an LFO with possibilities that go far beyond what has t done before in the same CATEGORY machine. The filters are not against all "homognes". I hear by the 24dB/oct Low Pass is simply a pest SETTING THE rsonnace leve, l or the pass-band seems ridiculous! Mind you, it's not so bad a, a contrast can sound them. I do not really explored the bank's, but apparently, something for everyone. My area is techno, dj, and I must say that there a lot of things to do with the sounds on offer. Moreover, a lot of sounds, especially in the sfx, aisemment can find a place in a lot of DIFFERENT style of music. Part interresting sampling provides functions such as r-chantillonage. You will say, "what sampler does not offer this feature." True, but the o has become useful is What can read in the same squence of files of any frequencies. This is not the case with other software squenceur same rputs ... The RS possde also a group effect Matre, who are simply effects ins rs on the main outputs. will have to play with such a low-down on all the sounds coming out of the main exit.


For me, the current price relative quality of this machine is 2 / 10. Why? I ask because first and foremost a musical instrument, bin is precisely the fact that I can make music with! With the RS, no way. There was not a session without there is a crash, or some bug! MARRE, dj What is not gat with the software (even if it manages small small), if the hardware is as if I VAIT end up playing the mandolin! May be that now, Yamaha has released a new OS that is not shit like version 1.2. Why a shit? haha, with version 1.14, I had less crashes! even if after two hours of use, I experienced its first crash! ah, I remember, it is blocked on the squence in progress, and nothing can be as n'tait games: cut off, lfo, effect level, nothing was ! only thing to do: on / off switch!

This is the kind of product dgoute me to slam the money ...