Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs
Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs

Pizzicato Loisirs, Score writing software from Arpège Musique.

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cord47 03/15/2011

Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs : cord47's user review


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Not always, several attempts were necessary with the assistance of technical service pizzicato
incompatibilities with sound cards, this is recognized by Pizzicato
The manual is very clear is the only positive.


8MB Ram
Edirol UA25 EX sound card
the program crashes regularly, conflicts with ASIO ALL x4, also acknowledged this by Pizzicato
Instability occurs because the operation is random, Pizzicato still do not know why


After numerous interventions of the technical service of Pizzicato, and after having informed, I do not use it anymore now, I expect to see on the next version if all these bugs were fixed
I returned home on Harmony Myriam, despite some imperfections.
I tried Finale, and Harmony.
Pizzicato presented in the demo and explanatory tellements perfections that I bought.
The presentation does not correspond to reality. At least for the PRO version, the most complete
The value for money is exess for the result.
For the moment I feel I lost 125 €!