Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs
Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs

Pizzicato Loisirs, Score writing software from Arpège Musique.

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Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs : Anonymous 's user review

«  I love Pizzicato Composition Entertainment »

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The instalation is done without a problem can slow the departure, if not his will: 10/10.
The conficugation is not easy at first, but after well with the help of Pizzicato: 10/10.
No Conflicts, very well: 10/10.
The manual is very good too and I can myself looking for is a longer platform: 10/10.


What is the configuration of my PC: Assembly house: 10/10.
Sound Card: Cakewalk UA-25EX: very good its work very well, I also use Finale PrintMusic 2011:10 / 10 with the same sound card: 10/10.
What are its performance: a lot to apprandre with Pizzicato Membership Interests, but it is only 8 to worn instrument is not much, I squeezed wore for the Pro version of Pizzicato: 10/10.
The software works very well, but do is file so you can well use this software: 10/10.
The software is very stable at 10/10.


J'utilse for 4 months is it's great, j'attent the final version of PrintMusic 2011 in English as well as to work, I also like Sibelius is also very, I will also order Sibelius too, I also work symphonic music: 10/10.
I essaiyer software Magix: 2 rating, but it was not easy.
What is so special that I like everything, is to even see the notes Fause glass, good notes, Orange, Red & passing notes at ivity: 10/10.
Quality and price very well: Approximately: 50 Euro