Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs
Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs

Pizzicato Loisirs, Score writing software from Arpège Musique.

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rubato 05/07/2011

Arpège Musique Pizzicato Loisirs : rubato's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
No worries for installation;
Online help is very well done.


IMac Mac OS 10.5.8 Processor 2.4 Intel Core 2GHz Memory 2duo
Works fine in this config, a few crashes.


Two years of use. I first bought the Beginner version and opted for the version of Scripture during a promo.
I wrote scores with Band in a Box, Cubase and Finale tested a bit earlier.
Each software has its strengths and weaknesses. Pizzicato for my needs is the best compromise. Slower than Band in a box for writing theme + Biaba grid but was far too limited. It is to write to a standard voice + agreements, it is also not the ultimate goal of this program is primarily a soft play-back.
Layout clearer and easier than working with Cubase SX1 is primarily a sequencer.
Much less expensive and more instinctive than Version Final test. Pizzicato on, after having tried on a few scores I'm doing everything without having to visit the online doc who I repeat is very well done.
Some defects, having to choose the rhythmic value of each note, but apart from Band in a box I think most writing software work well. Long as the rating of the agreements.
Other defect, the space between the notes do not match the rhythmic value in the default configuration. Problem solved by setting a parameter 'distance pace, "Information given by the designer who responds to emails quickly and accurately very nice.
Full benefits, the price for my version, the "text" color that allows for easy to read partitions without annotate them by hand, the overall clarity of layout that can produce material easily read.
Very pleased overall. Very good value for money, I would do without hesitation that choice.