Epiphone G-400
Epiphone G-400

G-400, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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zdv 08/10/2005

Epiphone G-400 : zdv's user review


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- Made of Core
- Mahogany body
- Mahogany neck 22 frets collbr /> - Taken trapezoidal nacrbr /> - Two Alnico V pickups designed by HB Gibson
- Two volume knobs
- Two tone knobs of
- 3 mic positions Slecteur
- Grover Mcanique oil bath
- Channel D rather fine and enjoyable (more on that in the strato case tt)


The handle is enjoyable as many have said dj Access in acute could not be easier, even if my Yamaha Rgx420s is my opinion even more comfortable.

I confirm that the handle also the famous trend nosedive when if you loose but you get done fast enough .... For my part playing pretty low, I Pali this problem by way of the guitar is that mcaniques either at my shoulders.

This guitar is a parcontre lgeret disconcerting. It's too enjoyable and I am changing a lot of the other two (Yamaha Rgx420s Jackson Dinky JS20 and) which are heavy compared.

Despite the good quality microphones less than a true SG sound is good ... trs same good. Particularly in micro position "Treble" and yet I am done and especially the rhythm but I was not convinced by the t trs his selection "rhythm" unless they put a good distortion and ca become good iune made of metal with all the charm of the grain of the G400 and more.
Small BMOL anyway: buy "new" about one month ago, the low E string bordered hence coming up that I SETTING THE PROCESS handle a fast enough that is true even if c is frquent on new guitars, I did not expect this from piphone.

The trs mcaniques are good bills and seems to keep the agreement and above all, it does not play that Floyd can be too. Tired of floyd that each use requires a racordage of scratching.

Regarding the shape of the guitar and its finish, it's simple that's why I bought it I fell in love with the I saw the SG. Who can not afford to pay me I pulled over the recess that any Manir G400 is a trs trs ... good copy.
Small precision even when the shape is nice but you will have to be patient before you find a hard case in which it can be housed ... I tjrs not found.


It's perfect that I play either Rock and Metal (light or Staur substain ... Many in the grain and distortion and sound that is close, even with micro origins, what I 've heard of SG.'s experts do not say can be the same thing but for me I find it like trs.

I play with a pdalier Zoom 707 V2 amp and a Fender 25 R (Actually I would not buy again it would be neither one nor the other). It sounds good anyway trs especially if I put the zoom Bypass :-). J'enegistre on Acid Pro and Sound Forge 7 4 .. the sound recording is not gnial but what can you ask a Sound Blaster Audigy LS ... just because ... My next purchase will be a sound card worthy of the name .. I think from a 0404 m-audio. On occasion I play also on softs and Revalver Guitar Rig type but always the same sound card does not allow me to make me really a good idea of ​​rendering.

The crunch sounds are good and the trs distos type metal .....


I use it for over a month and I am SATIF trs. I was convinced in advance by its shape and vintage cot but I must say that the same cot and their characters for technical bluff me a guitar that is a reasonable price. J'tait trs happy with my first scraper (Yamaha Rgx420s) trs is comfortable and well made but I wanted a guitar which I like really mouth, which is the sound I'm looking, versatile, better finish and scroll (I plan eventually buy the 498 and 490T pickups of the SG Standard). For all this fills me with the G400 and I do not buy another skyscraper so tot

APRS résumé in trying other models of (Start, telecaster) the G400 is a guitar with one of the best in my opinion qualitprix report. I also have the same Gothic G-400's but more beautiful and less CHRE my taste.