Epiphone G-400
Epiphone G-400

G-400, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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chom 04/08/2005

Epiphone G-400 : chom's user review


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22 frets is far from trivial!
Each microphone is independent of the niveeau knobs, handy if you need a technique like toggle switch (see rage against the machine)
the violin looks pretty, it sounds good vacuum, m'enfin is not too much of me, I'm no expert! I put 8 for the Q / P and because it is always better


Poaaarrff! It HANDLE! I never jou on gibson but I'm not surprised to find that the sleeves are really identical.
when I play a Start type neck, I have a lot more difficult, I often show my solo, then with my sg progress is staggering. j'ait test that of a telecaster I hate!
access to the treble is super simple, it slides alone! al stick it even easier when the beam's on the stratabound.
on the other hand totally disappointing for the balance! it's really the trick chaint. sitting there is no problem, but standing is a nightmare, it falls forward, have to take the shot, and again. I asked myself what I was elbow-slip something on my belt, it's better but it's decendre clothes. I play to fill ca pointing stick high enough.
after the sound cf.
8 because of the weight unevenly distributed, if not 10 just for the sleeve! even the oysters are great inlaid.


I play with a Peavey Transtube shiffield United States 112. with the distortion of the amp ca pete well, it's been 5 months that I have so I can be more critical.
for a good rock ca does it well, but it's not super super precise, the sound can be a little loud (in quibbling), I speak to the microphone treble. for the metal, uh a part of x japan, satriani, maiden I do not much more, ideal for beginners mauvasi the microphones are not bad. blem on the microphone is serious, oh la la, disaster, part to play Chuck Berry and Alvin Lee (the ca pete well) is pretty despicable.
ons for now clear, it's also not good at all, at the beginning when I started, but not happy j'tais I just plus.de I do a lil plain cool stuff I am forced hack to death with the sound of the chorus to try to get clean sound. it's really not good for the clear micro serious as acute. is not at all precise. IN A WORD C4EST MOCHE.on I spend a yamaha stratabound that costs really cheap which ridicules its plain text (for the distortion against mdrrr, I resumed my sg lol) I hate to order from thomann of SD, I think it will have nothing.
I put 5 because I'm beginning to saturate. in fact it's rather I put 8 for sound distortion (as for micro high) and 3 to clear)


It's been 5 months that I have is my first scratch after my acoustic.
I love it, it is too good, I progressed with Breathtaking, to be said given the number of hours that I made a day if I progressed is not that I would be armed! it motivates me the guitar too much, the solo go alone, no problem for speed on the handle, my hand must be typical for lol. ca me would not blem shredder above.
roro on nine pay 300 thomann, it's cheaper than the argus french, so must go for it. I take it again without hesitation. at the beginning I wanted to take a gibson, but it is ridiculous to start with a top model, I already had enough mm not take money to an amp, and it becomes deusio certainly less account galleries sounds that can meet and whom his progress.
for my next guitar, I hesitate between an ibanez rg350, or strat Southwestern (21 frets but it's not much)