Gibson SG Special 3 Knobs
Gibson SG Special 3 Knobs

SG Special 3 Knobs, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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tagnarock 10/12/2010

Gibson SG Special 3 Knobs : tagnarock's user review


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everything is:


The neck is very pleasing, and the CASC is no acute problem me.
Guitar and balance pluttlgre. I had some problem keeping agreement, and accuracy, but everything is back to normal APRS guys went to the luthier.
The absence of a pickguard does not hinder me, it gives a bit of originality has the beast.
One of the cot BMOL however varnish, which has not aged well, so that the guitar was originally white, has faded somewhat, but nothing mchant.


This guitar is clearly in his register when playing blues and rock with this one. I also used to play sounds a bit more modern, provided to a lot of distortion, and use the bridge pickup.

the neck pickup allows him to have a clear warm and saturated with serious property presents.

By combining the two microphones, one arrives at something Plutt versatile, provided the play ac knobs volume and tonality of this guitar n'tant obviously not made for metal.

For my part I use a dual amp orange terror, and a baffle 212 ppc ob, and that is happiness!


I use this guitar for over a year, and having bought used for 550 euro, I do not know what I can complain.

Having tried a lot of Sg rcentes my humble opinion, this guitar has much more personality than sg spcial currently produced.

Still the small problem of the aged varnish that does not specially good, but good guitar adj 20 years, and my luthier APRS n'altre not it sound.

In conclusion therefore, I think I made a good choice in buying this guitar:)