Gibson SG Special 3 Knobs
Gibson SG Special 3 Knobs

SG Special 3 Knobs, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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lioneldodard 03/05/2009

Gibson SG Special 3 Knobs : lioneldodard's user review


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Mine comes from Kalamazoo, made in 1991
2 pickups gibson 490
and only 3 buttons instead of 4 knob
neck and mahogany body


The handle is very comfortable, although large.
access to acute is excellent with the indentation pronounced.
this guitar is rather light.
its sound is more distinctive than the 70's paul (less round). acdc lovers, look no further. sg and marshall the old model (not the serial mg) grown well, it does.


The pickups are not too suitable for clean sounds, but otherwise, it drains off.
I use it with a head Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 and a behringer 4x12 cabinet, and it responds great.
sounds are those between a stratum and a les paul. This feels especially clear.


I bought this guitar in 1991. She has not left me since.
it caused me very little free: the bridges, which were worn and were breaking the strings, I changed the mechanics for oil bath with a excellent performance agreement, and buttons knobs, buttons because the plastic gibson, I found them cheap and too slippery for violoning.
for my 5000 francs from Epoq is a very good deal.
I will also buy him a sister to make her feel less alone (and also to be able to change in concert when scratching the strings break).