Gibson SG Classic
Gibson SG Classic

SG Classic, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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Vicente121 04/15/2013

Gibson SG Classic : Vicente121's user review

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Made in USA, blah blah ... 22 frets, binding all white, everything has been said in other reviews, a good old SG in red (cherry), nice rosewood fingerboard, body (three?) Parties? 2 P90 ... but on this one! Handle quite round but not a log, a personal most enjoyable rounds I had to play. Quite low frets, vintage-style. Light, beautiful, sexy! Gibson occasionally spring small series of classic, must fall over.
Not the class Gigbag. This is my second Classic, it is 2010. The first I had not been satisfied because it was a bit dull level sound. Not this one. Stumbled upon it in a mag in Pigalle purchased without even playing connected! Varnish slightly less than the first class, but its much better!


Do not hesitate to make a small adjustment in the beginning, almost microphones Gibson settles against the ropes! Few turns later, the tonal balance is returned. What about stores that do not even bother to adjust their instruments a bit? A guitar set incorrectly may be unplayable even excellent, unfortunately.
The neck suits me well. The guitar is fine, it plays without any problem, it thins the game I used the SG, it helps, but for those who are new, it may surprise ergonomically speaking. Always provide Straplocks and a real good hard case!


Already, there is only empty, it sounded so good that I was confident: Once plugged in all lamps, no error. Many brilliant sustain, but also so many nuances of the game with pots, clear sound, intermediate position, play with a very subtle overdrive. In addition it should be noted that the Classic, P90 are closer than other models: the neck is less deaf, the bridge over FLUTE - A treat.
The electronics are very good, original 300K the Volume goes very well with the P90 (i tried the 500K, it makes dishes) - I just changed a bit in the wiring type "50's" what I gives more clarity at low volumes.
The P90! A real resentment, a big riff that retains clarity. The longer it goes, the more I love these pickups. They can do anything. Of course the rock is the DNA of this shovel. SG and a Marshall, and rolls. But anything is possible except perhaps the big sound extreme. The P90 make noise, you get used to, and then when we play not cutting the volume ... I repeat with all this guitar in a wide register. It is not difficult, we forget when we play.


ILI I had and I have others, I SG addict! I have this one for 3 years, and I will keep it. Prices are lower than ten years ago on these models, although the finishes are sometimes a little cheap. But it's still very good. Gibson knows how to scratch and knows perfectly sell its image by renewing its range.

Of course it is a bunch of euros, there are three Chinese guitars correct at this price. But here it is: we like it or not, this is something unique at her, even though we know we pay dear name, myth (labor too) but it's part of pleasure I guess. Make a thorough comparison with similar Asian SG, which is also often better finished. I've made my choice!