Gibson SG Classic
Gibson SG Classic

SG Classic, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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Exp 09/05/2005

Gibson SG Classic : Exp's user review


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- Can I try this SG?
- Yeah, for sure!
- How much is it?
- Well it's $ 899.99
- There's taxes on this price?
- Yeah!
- So it's 900 USD with taxes?
- No, Without taxes!
-! _! How much is it with taxes?
- Well, around 975 USD
- Haaaaa ...

these are good amricains are boring, they put their prices without taxes, so should always carry around with a calculator for the exact price ...


Well it's clear, compare my stratocaster is less enjoyable, bigger, tougher, but it is something else! A DIFFERENT style of play (of a gibson hendrix!?), It is enjoyable the fawn in a way ...
Nothing to say, I love the handle because it makes you want to play!


The bar soap is cool! but for crying out loud: the noise made ...
The sound is excellent for all that is hard rock is the sound gibson (gibby for short). Level clear, this is not the height of fender.
Arpges advisor (do not start a fawn hendrix you pack it, it works not "good").

Good j'adoooooore Black Sabbath, so I'm happy because I trs think I'm tommy Iommy (I even buy the mustache that goes with the scraper).


I buy in amrique 750 (or 975 USD + -), brand new, I love it!
I buy a fur espce TwChoubacca as a strap does serious, I feel of being a wild guitar hero come to scandinavia ...
frankly good deal ...