Gibson SG Special Faded
Gibson SG Special Faded

SG Special Faded, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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johnfru 09/03/2005

Gibson SG Special Faded : johnfru's user review


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See opinion below
Official Website or GIBSON ( )

On the note, you can not fault this guitar much at CHARACTERISTICS: It is very simple and versatile but nanmoins complte.


I will our answer to the questions in order:

- The lack of varnish "traditional" makes the handle quite so smooth and enjoyable trs trs to the touch. This is typically a handle Gibson therefore quite pais, what j'apprcie.

- Access in acute favorites is the shape of the body, but it's not really a choice for me CRITERIA, as I play some solos trs.

- Like all the SG, it tends to incline to the ct of the head, due to the lgret the body (it's crazy I'm surprised every time!). Also the guitar is trs fine, I do not like, I frankly afraid of breaking the handle on scne, it seems to rev fragile, but it is common all SG.

- Trs empty it sounds good, a lot of sustain and great DJ's in the round

This is the weak point of the guitar. In a word: Lament.
Finish unworthy of the name Gibson, it seems to hold hands a low-end guitar. It's simple, it looks like the guitar direct out of the tree trunk!
No binding around the neck, pickguard mount approximate volume buttons and horrible tone (the same as on my old epiphone 300th!).
Prs of the instrument is not beautiful it is clear, we can see the manufacturing default, the default timber, etc ...
in short we expect more for the same price when.


I tried it in the store on a ENGL Savage 120 and a baffle ENGL 4 * 12 Mt in V30.

The sound is simply amazing (well for me): burning, round, fat. LEGENDARY!
There is a serious omniprsence on the neck pickup, which may dplaire some, but personally that's all what I want.
The bridge pickup is still responsible for midrange and bass, and sounds trs trs hot.

I will not m'tendre its sonic possibilities, I think it should mostly blues and rock or heavy rock well saturated.


I tried it for 1 hour in a store and I t's the charm, but shocked by the violin.
The quality of manufacture is trsdcevante and it is clear that with this MODEL Gibson plays its brand image to sell MODELS "middle range".

Never I would not buy this guitar, I prfre SAVE and take the Standard that it possde trs a beautiful finish.

In the same price range, just to compare MODEL Schecter to realize that Gibson does not care about our face.