Gibson SG Standard
Gibson SG Standard

SG Standard, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

iamqman 09/14/2011

Gibson SG Standard : iamqman's user review

« Just plain awesome! »

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The Gibson SG standard is the entry level guitar if you're wanting to get into Gibson SG market. This is a beautiful guitar with its red paint job and black pick guard. It's a fine instrument if you really like the sound of the mahogany wood body and mahogany neck. It's going to be a warm and musical tone any more focused tone in my opinion comparatively to a Gibson Les Paul guitar.


This guitar features two humbucker pick ups with two volume control knobs and two tone control knobs. It has a nice pearl block inlay which really sets the look of this guitar off. it's a nice well-balanced guitar and the body is a little thinner than a Gibson Les Paul but still retains much of the influence that it takes from the Gibson Les Paul guitar. The neck is going to be a much more versatile neck because you're able to reach the higher friends easier than you would a Gibson Les Paul guitar.


This guitar works in just about any amplifier that you have. I primarily like these guitars any medium to high gain amplifier setting. So if you have a good Marshall amplifier or some other amplifier or a good power to distortion then this guitar will sound very excellent in that setting. This guitar has a good focused tone that is very intense and brilliant. I preferred this tone over a Gibson Les Paul tone and little bit more but just slightly only because of the versatility and thinner lighter tone that is has.

This guitar sounds great when you couple it with effects pedals or distortion pedals as well. So if you have a clean amp such as a fender twin reverb or some other clean amp then you'll need a distortion pedal so this guitar will work good with that equipment as well.


I highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a good professional high gain or recording guitar. It has a great look very good balance and seal throughout the body and next of the guitar. It's a beautiful color of red anxious to warm tone as well.