Gibson SG Standard
Gibson SG Standard

SG Standard, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

iamqman 09/15/2011

Gibson SG Standard : iamqman's user review

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The Gibson SG guitar is a fun guitar in a very unique but comfortable looking guitar. It takes a lot of influence from the Gibson Les Paul guitars and in fact it had the Les Paul name on the trust Rod pick up cover when it was first introduced. This is a nice guitar if you want to do a lot of lead soloing on because compared to the Gibson Les Paul which is has the body in position where it's much more difficult to reach the higher frets. This guitar allows you to reach the higher frets more easily because of the shape of the contour neck heel. This guitar comes with two humbucker pickups, two volume control knobs, and two tone control knobs. It's pretty versatile guitar and a great mahogany wood body and neck. It's a little thinner tone that the Gibson Les Paul basically because of the thinner body style.


The features are pretty minimal on this guitar. They don't have pull switches or any coil tapping push pull knobs of any kind. This is a straight up rockers guitar and a pretty basic set up as you would imagine a Gibson guitar being.

The tone of these guitars are excellent for hard rock and metal playing. They have a great fine warm tone that is very reminiscent of its predecessor the Gibson Les Paul. The tone is a little bit thinner but more focused in my opinion. It's much easier to get a good clean tone from his guitar than being from a Gibson Les Paul.


I love the way this guitar sounds with a good hard rock high gain amplifier such as a Marshall amplifier, Mesa boogie amplifier, or any other amplifier they can get in the high gain saturation regions. It will take a good load of saturation very easily and be able to hear each note pretty crisp and clear because of the fine-tuning that this guitar has. Overall this is an amazing guitar an excellent look and feel.


I highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a good players guitar that can be used for recording and even large amounts of gigging. This is a great guitar for someone who needs a solid instrument for a bedroom player as well. They are readily available in the used section and classifieds. And you can also find them new online or in most guitar retailers. I love the feel of these guitars and for the price you can find them at it is a no brainer for me.