Gibson SG Standard
Gibson SG Standard

SG Standard, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

machefer 05/14/2005

Gibson SG Standard : machefer's user review


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Well, let y. ..
United States manufacturing
all mahogany
The cellulose varnish discrtes made small "waves" and is trs sensible perspiration as well as small impacts (the varnish is "soft"), rosewood key is not really great punctual inlays are really improved, the mcaniques are antiques ... I personally think that gives him a small ct "roots" nice, but for the price, they might be a bit less dcontracts at Gibson!
22 frets, two humbuckers, two tone, two volumes, a three-position switch togle ... etc ...
flight wig with pink inside (I love ...)
good j'arrte ... everyone knows the SG and all over a cell and said rptbr t /> bah, all songs are good sets: 7 / 10 because of the finishes for improvement


Ergonomics total:
the handle is playable, not too late nor too pais (my taste eh!), the frets are thin and do not hang plutt hand on the edge of the handle
the highs are perfectly accessible, the guitar is fine, lgre with good chamfers: a rgal!
it leaves more willing to play with the handle inclinbr /> GNER have nothing right hand when playing and are accessible CONTRL
trs it sounds very empty, with a sharp attack and good sustain
in the hands you can feel it vibrate littralement! thundering!
mcaniques dsaccordent is the permanent, not much admittedly, but hey! it must monitor the grand mre ...


You plug it all in a very light and forward Gingham!
the register of the guitar is the mdiums! (M'tonnes you ...)
clean sounds are biting on the micro acute
they are significantly more severe on the micro plush but low exs
intermdiaire position clears some of the characters of one and the other without making much more, my taste of course ....
the crunch, the three positions, you stick a little smile systmatiquement beats with a dash of drool flowing at the corner of the mouth ...
systmatiquement ...
saturations, uh, you know .... raging, that's the word, furious!
this guitar is a moth!
dlivre saturations snapping it, not too rough or too prcises:
the bass is not Submitted exs and treble are mdiums and hear
I can not find it appropriate to sound dark but very serious cons, I think it Exelle big rock in the register pchu well!
The most surprising in the end, with the SG is its versatility: it all goes well and in a few prs all styles!


I use it as lead guitar for a while now
in the directory of times (there is also the directory compos ...) she immediately found her place, either on pieces of Red Hot, Cake, from The Black 'and Rage or Limp Bizkit, etc ...
versatile, but with a good personality marks the jades!
I was swells just have to put a little bit of tuning CONTRL both pieces but hey! I forgive him ...
trs varnish deteriorates quickly, it will quickly take a finish "vintage" I think ... sorry too!
it is so enjoyable that lgre and almost forget to remove the APRS concert
the prices in France is simply a scandal!
ouh! ouh! Gibson ... not good!
I leave it the way it is, without changing anything
I want a deuxime to customize my fawn (h. .. h)
so yes, I will repeat that choice ...