Gibson SG Standard
Gibson SG Standard

SG Standard, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

sylvestre99 09/20/2004

Gibson SG Standard : sylvestre99's user review


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MODEL 2002 United States Standard, cherry red.


The handle is a handle Gibson. In the words dedicated "we love or we dtest" I love me, and I do not see how we can dtest.

The balance is perfect, the weight is insignificant (I play mostly on a Les Paul), Access in acute is optimal. In short, it's a rgal to play it, even more than on a Les Paul, it is to say! When I branch for the first time on my amp, I could not help but play. The playability and feel are truly exceptional.


Like Les Paul, it sounds right away and give a silly grin all lovers of big sound. It is bold, rich, ractif, the Gibson's what! Plugs into a mesa boogie with a baffle rectoverb Slash Marshall Edition is standard.

The only BMOL is compared to the Les Paul (my guitar pricipale). Indeed, the SG has a slightly less sharp prcis pchu and his big sister, which I will always prfrer this dernire. That said, one between the nit-picking, and provides the dj is exceptional, and it reverses the diffrence with the comfort of his game a little suprieur.
Personally, I play in a band fan of rock / hardcore / noisy, and I use the SG guitar help of Les Paul and plans more noisy.

The nine, is that I put the 10 les paul.


I use it for 3 months and I am fully satisfied. In gnral, I use my Les Paul in rpt 'and concerts, and Sg home, and troubleshooting of the Les Paul.
I prfre is the ease of play it provides and its versatility. I tried many other models before buying, and from the Les Paul (I know, I insist, but I'm crazy), no other guitar does not sound much my taste. I speak of the Rock (at large), a course.
It's a Gibson SG uen it is a myth ... justifies the use.

The report is qualitprix I think everything is justified. I bought € 900 Used Internet. It is new, not a single pet, and I Whereas it is an excellent deal. 0 those who find the price compared to Gibson EXAGRES services offered, I say that perfection has a price.