Gibson SG Standard
Gibson SG Standard

SG Standard, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

Mister Triton 02/21/2004

Gibson SG Standard : Mister Triton's user review


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So it makes an SG standard in the United States. It is mahogany (body + sleeve). Rosewood 22 frets, pickups: 2 Humbucker that will make you cry with joy .. : 490R in the neck position and 498T in the bridge position. SETTING THE Volume and Tone by microphone. Channel pais but not too much (not as a gro Les Paul) trs enjoyable, fast Anyway I love it and I'm comfortable TRSA.


The handle is perfect for me, it feels fast straight away at ease. Access in acute could not be easier. The ergonomics are fantastic: forget the weight of a Les Paul that will make you drool, here we are dealing with an SG ridiculous weight (3 to 4 kg), it is ultra platte, the weight is I think, ideally rpart (some would say there q'il more weight to the head of the instrument but I do not find). Question her .. Well, it's Gibson .. it was a wonderful ds's the first connection before you even rglage you find yourself playing any qoi to make it talk a little bit ..


It is perfect for my style of music I adore Muse, AC / DC, Led Zeppelin ... is frankly gnial .. I use a Marshall JCM2000 and frankly .. What about the fact that a gibson the religious instruments are reputable and that is that this mark would notice me dispens ... Basically it is THE rock sound. I love it. Question ca lens provides really good (I had often said that in light ca sonait too bad, but it's too not true it sounds really interresting way trs. And of course .. It is in bold dynamite .. Enough to have a heart attack has a region of 80 brushes .. The sound I prfre is without doubt the sound fat zero .. Tellment "enjoyable" ..


I use it recently, I love above all this sublime form, color, heritage cherry, a beautiful red "VTU" a varnish sublime too. His sound is just part of intgrante Rock, there are countless artists who have used the Beast (Angus Young, Pete Townsend ...) I essay is almost no other models, falls madly in love her ds the first moments and of course aprsl have heard .. It was mystical ecstasy (as would my teacher loves french ..) The price compared to the Les Paul is simply eccellente, it remains in APRS 1600/1880 euro must then see what .. but it's a Gibson, this is an instrument mrrite worship, you see a Ferrari for the price of a Renault? So here .. If I chilled this choice? Above all .. yes I love this guitar, I will keep it for life ..