Gibson SG Standard
Gibson SG Standard

SG Standard, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

ericthegreat 11/24/2011

Gibson SG Standard : ericthegreat's user review

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I have been eyeing a Gibson SG Standard for quite a while now. I picked this one off the wall at GC in Texas and I fell in love. The coil-tap is sweet but it isn't perfect and to be honest if you are truly looking for that single-coil tone then just buy a Stratocaster. What it does provide is the ability to gig with one guitar and get darn close to that true single-coil sound when you need it.


The finish is beautiful, I have the Vintage Sunburst and I love it. The sounds are bold, cutting and pristine. They shine on solos they just have that ability to cut through the band. Many of my band members thought I spent much more than the retail price. The neck is amazing smooth and comfortable. The binding is beautiful and adds to the authentic look and feel of the Les Paul. Just in genereal the feel of this guitar is great and it has a really nice color to it as well. I think this version comes in a few different colors.


The guitar is heavy don't discount that if you play long sets. I am used to a relatively heavy guitar. This LP isn't chambered. which is something that I enjoy. I feel that chambering, although reduces weight, calms down sustain. This baby will hold a note while you grab a sandwich and when you get back it will still be humming.


The overall sound of the guitar is everything you would expect from a Les Paul. Every note shines through out of this instrument. I play it through a Mesa/Boogie Mark V and it basically sounds as perfect as I had imagined it would in my head. You can never go wrong with a Gibson, I definitely recommend getting this one. The SG Gibson Standard is at the top of its class.