LTD Viper-50
LTD Viper-50

Viper-50, SG-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard Viper series.

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D.Donkey 11/17/2014

LTD Viper-50 : D.Donkey's user review

«  I love it! »

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Made in Indonesia
Channel C
24 jumbo fret (with registered VIPER 50 to the 12th box)
2 humbuckers
1 volume, 1 tonalié and a 3 position selector.
Black lacquered (ouch ouch traces and other fart!)


The handle is quite nice it explodes easily, access to acute ... well it's a SG so it's easy. After a few small defects such as unbalanced handle that as soon as the loose dips live upside down or the weight is a little heavy but I find I quibble good: P.

After its level:
Clean: Well it's not his best point, it's good but a little crunch gets worse
Crunch: And this is a good bah pti rock sound as I love AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and so on.
Distortion: Bon bah like it's pretty good, metalheads will enjoy

After little personal record: Too sharp for my taste but hey it down a bit and the tone is set.
Grossomodo is built for ROCK / METAL


I ROCK / METAL ... Of course it suits me!

Bah I'm good on that VOX DA5 is my little travel or my VT40 +, my whole repertoire spends Aerosmith to ZZtop through Black Sabbath or Metallica. I have enough to make me happy.

It starts on the neck pickup sound is very fat (quite nice for solo style Sweet Child O Mine)
The bridge pickup and bah went for solo hell and frenzied rhythm
Then we put the selector in the middle for the clean sound bah .... lowering the tone for not too much that it crunch.


This guitar a huge sentimental value because it's my first electric guitar (see my first guitar for short because it is about this one that I really learned). She accompanies me for 8 years, it is with her that I did my first scenes, she never betrayed me. I do not regret my purchase, I recently rediscovered by the set (after 8 years had to anyway).
This is a great first guitar and even if others are now added to the family, I continue to use it.

The price / quality ratio is really good, I bought € 244 new and I do not regret.

It certainly is not perfect (the same 244 € new) some minor flaws but basically it allowed me to get better, the sound is good, the violin is correct everything you need to start well progress.

So for beginner guitarists who play ROCK / METAL feel free to test it!

With experience if I would do this choice? Well when I bought it, I had not tested else that I trusted to look (rookie mistake) but I was lucky because I found a good guitar. With the experience now I think I will test other before but I certainly would do this choice.