LTD Viper-50
LTD Viper-50

Viper-50, SG-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard Viper series.

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.!.m.!. 03/05/2006

LTD Viper-50 : .!.m.!.'s user review


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- I do not know where it is built
- 24 frets 2 double pickups ESP LH-100 (1 easel, 1 run)
- 2 rglages (volume, tone and a 3 position selector


The handle is quite enjoyable to meet the acute and especially super fast and super comfortable. Thanks in form C, Access in dernires freight is very easy, even for mtaleux that the guitar below the knee ^ ^. In sound, it comes out fairly easily. But the only problem on some Viper is that it is heavy and if the strap is attached to a branch of C, it slumps. There must be the height of the handle attaches. Mcanique problem with and are very easy drgles.


This guitar you pulvrise Dcibel of food when it is a distortion (for me, the Ibanez SM7), but it is not versatile. It DGIG heat worthy of ESP. The Viper 50 is used mainly for saturated riffs. I play with a Fender amp four lamps pr-amp: adgage niveua its power. APRS I test a transistor amplifier, the sound is too flat my taste. In clean mode, the sound is round, but not prcis trs trs and not crystalline. It's hard to find a guitar rglage ale clear sound. So I use this guitar to me sounds saturated.


I use it for a year. I find her physically attractive for someone who likes metal. on the other hand when I want to put myself in the good old rock, the Viper is pretty pathetic ... So I mtaleux advises. Before, I played on a Fender Stratocaster standard super expensive, with crystal clear sound, but I like the sounds heavy and nags. At quality prices, someone who loves metal and who wants to buy a good guitar not too expensive, I would recommend this Viper.
I cracked my top form thanks and APRS by its sound and APRS by its handle. inconvnient only is the clean sound.