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Shure SM user reviews

  • Shure SM57

    Shure SM57 - "this mic is ready to go"


    I actually purchased the Shure SM 57 mic from a local music store called KB Music a few years back. I just wanted a good quality mic that I could used with no stand or pop filter at home just to record a few light demo vocals and save them for when I…

  • Shure SM57

    Shure SM57 - "Super Magnificent 57"


    This is a dynamic microphone; utilization includes live and studio settings. OVERALL OPINION The famous Shure 57...there is a serious love/hate on this microphone. I've been on both sides of the pendulum, so here's my experiences... It seems that …

  • Shure SM57

    Shure SM57 - "The "Standard" for a Reason!"


    Microphone Type: Dynamic Polar Pattern: Cardioid Frequency Response: 40Hz-15kHz Impedance: 150 ohms Includes clip, XLR cable tie and bag. OVERALL OPINION I've used nearly all the studio go-to mics for guitar cabs, and I keep coming back to the …

  • Shure SM7B

    Shure SM7B - "Great Go-To Mic"


    Microphone Type: Dynamic Polar Pattern: Cardioid Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz Impedance: 150 ohms Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls A7WS detachable windscreen OVERALL OPINION The SM7b is a great mic and, w…

  • Shure SM58

    Shure SM58 - "epic"


    The Shure SM58 was one of my first microphones that I used to record with at home. I have pretty much used all of the Shure Line mics. The thing that’s best about this one is its good for a little bit of everything. No matter what frequencies your vo…

  • Shure SM57

    Shure SM57 - "Buy one."


    Dynamic Microphone Frequency Response - 40 to 15,000 Hz Polar Pattern - Unidirectional (cardioid), rotationally symmetrical about microphone axis, uniform with frequency. Sensitivity (at 1,000 Hz) Open Circuit Voltage: -56.0 dBV/Pa* (1.6 mV) *(1 …

  • Shure SM81-LC

    Shure SM81-LC - "Basic Mic, gets the job done"


    The Shure SM81 LC is more than its worth. I had bought all equipment needed to start recording previously and so when I got home and hit the record button, what I got was a very clear and concise sound. I have a basic in-home studio set up in my room…

  • Shure SM57-LCE

    Shure SM57-LCE - "Shure always rocks"


    Before I was using the Shure SM 57 LCE I was using an e609 which is an excellent dynamic mic too (I can't decide which I like better). After experimenting with different mic positions for an acoustic guitar, I found micing the SM57 close to the bridg…

  • Shure SM57

    Shure SM57 - " SM57, a safe bet"


    We no longer need to describe the  SM57, a worldwide bestseller that every studio has at least one copy. OVERALL OPINION The SM57 microphone is extremely versatile and robust, able to withstand very high sound pressures and adapted to any type…

  • Shure SM7B

    Shure SM7B - "shure wins again"


    When it comes to dynamics, I go to Shure. Granted, that opinion had been because of their SM58 alone, but no more. When I was looking for a mic to handle what I call "long haul" digital narration projects (well, okay, that and I wanted to buy anoth…