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Shure user reviews

  • Shure KSM44A

    Shure KSM44A - "Excellent Quality Mic..with a caveat"


    Solid, super well built professional STUDIO microphone, solid state/transformer-less 'pletharos' design. Multi-pattern. Incredibly low self noise. LARGE diaphragm condenser. OVERALL OPINION Quality of sound is excellent. Build quality phenomenal.…

  • Shure SRH840

    Shure SRH840 - "Good For Most"


    The Shure SRH 840 are closed back studio headphones, economically priced from Shure. They feature 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers, memory foam earpads to provide increased sound isolation and comfort, and an adjustable, padded headband. These are mark…

  • Shure SM27

    Shure SM27 - "impressed me from day 1"


    The Shure SM27 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that comes with a shock mount, case and bag to put in for travel. The build of this microphone surprised me because it seems to be made out of heavier materials and nothing is cheap about it. T…

  • Shure SE535

    Shure SE535 - "Comfortable"


    The Shure SE535 V are a pair of isolating earphones that come with a soft zip up case. You can actually purchase these in ear head phones in a few different colors. The SE535 V are very expensive, I wouldn’t think that in ear headphones could be thi…

  • Shure M78S

    Shure M78S - "Keep it clean"


    The Shure M78S is a wide groove phono cartridge is designed for use with wide groove 78 RPM records. This is not a cartridge that should be used for a club or battle style. I have only used this cartridge just for general listening on a Shure record …

  • Shure WhiteLabel

    Shure WhiteLabel - "sounds similar to the CC-1 "


    The Shure White label is a light weight turntable cartridge that has a high visibility stylus. This cartridge is one of the newest ones that I just purchased. The design of it is very attractive, it is sleek and easy to work with and it has great tra…

  • Shure M44-7

    Shure M44-7 - "Very good cartridge"


    The Shure M44-7 is a cartridge that has a high skip resistance and a solid frequency range (20 hz to 20 kHz). The performance of this cartridge was so much better than what I was expecting it to be because of the price. It is very inexpensive and I …

  • Shure VP88

    Shure VP88 - "My new field mic!"


    The VP88 is a slim designed microphone that is used for professional recordings. This is the microphone that I prefer to use for recording sound effects when I am out and about. I was able to capture some really good crowd noise and street noise with…

  • Shure Super 55 Deluxe

    Shure Super 55 Deluxe - "add an off and on switch please"


    This microphone is made by Shure, it is a dynamic vocal microphone that has a classic look to it. It has a supercardioid polar pattern and a great frequency response for speeches or vocals. The presentation value of this microphone is why it sells th…

  • Shure SM48-LC

    Shure SM48-LC - "Do not buy"


    The SM48LC has a cardioid pickup pattern that is suppose to only pick up what you are recording and not pick up external noises and sounds. It does not do that very well, so when recording with it you will need to make sure that you are in a complete…