AKG Perception 170
AKG Perception 170
sw80 12/15/2012

AKG Perception 170 : sw80's user review

« great for overhead mics »

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The AKG Perception 170 Condenser microphone is sleek , stylish and more than affordable. It is a instrument microphone with a small diaphragm to give a clean and accurate sound. It does require phantom power and it has a cardioid polar pattern. I have been using this microphone for the last 3 years and it has always worked great with a number of different instruments tried out on it. At one point it was my first option to go with when someone would come to record an instrument track.


This microphone does have a -20 db roll of switch and it is actually great for an overhead drum microphone. That is the reason that I am thinking of purchasing two more of these. The recordings you can get with the Perception are very clean and warmth. The makes the sound much better than I expected to get for a microphone that cost less than 100 dollars online.
There is also a Perception 100 and 200 that came out around the same time and they are pretty good too. I have used them and the 170 before and the only difference is the price. Most AKG microphones are very well made and they are very durable. The best part about this microphone is the -20 db roll off because it is a must have for a condenser microphone that records instruments. My least favorite thing about this microphone is that with it being a capsule microphone getting it to sit right in some setups gave me a headache. Working in a tight space trying to get this microphone to fit and still face the right way gave issues with it being so long. But you will not have any complaints with the recording quality of it. I highly recommend it and look forward to buying a few more of these soon for overhead.