Jeffouille 02/23/2005

Behringer B-5 : Jeffouille's user review


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Micro electro-static capacitor ddi making acoustic instruments of all kinds. Delivered in a Casing Bonette, stand-feet and above, two capsules: cardioid and omni one, sure enough in many situations miking


I use it mainly for making acoustic guitar and percussion in the home studio (djembe and tambourine half moon) and the sound is incredible for the price (bought 107).

I used up to now my Studio Project B1 for making guitar but now I use more than B5 (the B1 as taking Reserved vocals): In my Landola capture acoustic imprsionnant is to your exact precision, the DEFINITIONS of prsence and heat.

For decision-percussionist, sound is muffled and less powerful than my B1. I'm using at the moment (and usual) that the cardioid capsule.

Engaged "Live", he s'avre relatively usable without too much problem of feedback (as long as it does not oriented towards a return) and sounds so much more naturally as a sensor or a piezo micro rosette.

The quality-price ratio is exceptional. Prior test I really not an electret Stagg chr (CM 5050 found 46!) And the Difference is obvious: Throw away the trash and run stagg buy this Behringer.

Behringer prpare the output of an electro-static torque of 60 but I do not think the quality will reach that of the B5. Try it.