cris 22 03/05/2005

Sennheiser ME 66 : cris 22's user review


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Hyper cardioid head for K6/K6P body.
The whole forms a micro staique transistor with XLR and power fantme (K6/K6P) or 1.5 V battery (K6)


I use it for 4 years. in sound recording for video reports.

Sensibilt rjection and extreme good off-axis (this is asked).
Good coverage of the sound spectrum and made quite natural (for a shotgun microphone).

High sensitivity to wind noise making necessary the use of a windscreen collection outdoor (real, not the foam that is provided just enough for a light wind).
Tip for those who can not afford a wig + Zeppelin: Rycotte also makes a semi-rigid foam windscreen with long hair wig intgre, much cheaper.

ATTENTION: Unused HANDLE WITH BATTERY POWERED. The blast was so devastating.

Because of this problem for my second camcorder, I bought a shotgun microphone Beyerdynamic MCE87 VS (powered by the camcorder). It is less sensitive than the head 66 and is a bit limited at the low, but it has no more breath on the Sennheiser fantme alim! O On the intrt in my case (especially since it is significantly cheaper than all K6/66).

Alternative to Beyer: Audiotechnica the AT 897 (280) mixed diet and XLR.