Shure KSM137
Shure KSM137
joshsound 10/06/2008

Shure KSM137 : joshsound's user review


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This is the middle of the road model in Shure's KSM line of small diaphragm microphones meant for the studio. Overall I will say that this mic sounds very good. Since it's a small diaphragm, it does great with peaks and transients. Anything you record with this mic is at the very least going to sound very crisp and present. Also the higher frequencies come through very well on this mic. Unfortunately so do the upper mids however, which can at times give this mic a little bit of a harsh sound which seems to never happen with this mics more expensive older brother, the KSM 141. It also has a couple of nice features like the switchable attenuation pad. This pad has 3 levels, which can be set to 0, 15 dB of attenuation, or 25dB of attenuation. Between those pads you should really be able to record just about anything without worrying about distorting the signal into your mic. There is also a switchable low pass filter which the less expensive KSM 109 lacks. It actually has 3 positions being neutral, a steep high pass filter that sounds like it starts around 60 Hz, and a much more gradual low roll off that sounds like it starts around 120 Hz. You're going to need a preamp with phantom power to use this mic.


I have had a pair of these for a few years. I really only like the sound of these on certain instruments. Sources with a lot of content in the 4k area really end up sounding too harsh through this mic. Sources with a more natural and wide frequency content usually sound a lot better. For that reason, I almost exclusively use a pair of these as room mics. And even then, I only use these when I can't use my KSM 141 pair for that purpose, because the 141's definitely do sound better although they are more expensive. If you can afford it, I would say to just save up for the KSM 141's. They sound better. These are not bad though.