Phonotoff 11/11/2008

Shure VP88 : Phonotoff's user review


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MS Micro Stro capacitor fieldrecording and music recording.


I used several years with pleasure for radio productions and sound Creations.
+: A while, dmatriceur Intgr (Stereo output large, medium, small & MS matrix), possibility of holding hands. Prsence beautiful voices for radio work. Trs robute and solid.
-: Big enough, like a grenade THE FIRST war, the difficult being protected from the wind
possde it a breath of background when recording purposes (nature, etc. ..). sensitive enough to LTRO magntiques fields.

is one of the few microphones stro one point in this price range.
Now I prfre more lightweight microphone with a signal to noise ratio greater (but more expensive ....)