Ludwig Drums Black Beauty
Ludwig Drums Black Beauty

Black Beauty, Snare Drum from Ludwig Drums in the Black Beauty series.

sanjuro 11/28/2009

Ludwig Drums Black Beauty : sanjuro's user review


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Ludwig produces all kinds of great drums, but it seems that they are most famous for their metallic snares.  I have played dozens of metal snares, both vintage and modern variations.  Without a doubt, the Ludwig Black Beauty is the best snare I have ever heard.  This is by far the most prized individual piece in my collection.  It is very expensive, but its performance more than makes up for the price.  I first heard a Black Beauty a few years ago and searched tirelessly for one used for about 6 months.  Though I wasn't in need of another snare, this was a purchase I had to make.

It is almost difficult to review this drum because it has high scores across the board.  It has a beautifully rich and deep quality, gently reflecting its metallic properties but retaining a mellow sound.  The rim shots are amazing as they bring the entire snare into unanimous harmony.  Side sticks and rim clicks are pronounced and musical.  I swear, even hitting the side of the snare sounds better than in other models.  This is just super musical. 

Because I got it used, the snare already had drum heads on it.  It had remo drum heads, including an ambassador batter.  I am not sure if these are the best for this, but because they sounded great and were in good condition I have not tried any others.  In a few more months I will probably try to experiment a bit.  I have a feeling that all heads sound good on this drum. 

The lugs and snares were extremely high quality.  It is a striking drum, shining with thorough engineering.  There are really no downsides to this, except for the high price.  Despite the cost, giving a few minuted to listen to a Black Beauty is usually all it takes before the price seems irrelevant.