PG Music Band In A Box 2011
PG Music Band In A Box 2011

Band In A Box 2011, Software Arranger from PG Music in the Band In A Box series.

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stompboxjon 08/27/2012

PG Music Band In A Box 2011 : stompboxjon's user review

« Similar but not exactly the same as the 2004 version »

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PG Music Band in A Box 2011 is the desktop version for Windows. Band in a box has a lot of cool things about it that makes it very appealing to most home musicians. It is an all in one studio with no need for any external stuff. The manual is very easy to understand and it is actually a pretty thin manual with not a lot of instructions to it. The program is pretty self explanatory and easy to understand and use. Everything worked great with my Windows Desktop and I have not experienced any issues or crashes with this software. Using Band in a Box isn’t something that I recommend if you are into a lot of external plug ins and syncing up a bunch of gear. Band in a Box seems to me that it really wasn’t built for those stages of the musical process. There are far to many issues that I have when trying to use it has a host for other gear.


The software does work great in its configuration and hasn’t failed me yet, until I start getting into plug ins and routing other programs though it. Then I can experience some lag and freezing issues. But that only happens when I bring some other programs into Band in a Box.


The thing that I like most about it is the price, it is very affordable and is a great starting point for someone who is just getting started in creating music digitally. If you want something more in depth because you are not a beginner than I say stay away from it and invest a little more money for a better program. I have tried band in a box the 2004 version and it is pretty much the same as the 2011 version to me. They both work great, but have several limitations has to how far you can push them.