PG Music Band In A Box 2011
PG Music Band In A Box 2011

Band In A Box 2011, Software Arranger from PG Music in the Band In A Box series.

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steam13 01/27/2012

PG Music Band In A Box 2011 : steam13's user review

«  Almost a panacea »

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Problem-free is a small 160g dd, simply to transfer
I have the 2011.5 version, I never read manuals, I prefer the forums. But help seems very adequate.


Dual core 2.4 4g RAM, 3b, cs edirol
The software is not very hungry
The config is stable.


I went through many versions of BIAB but this version 2011.5 with all realtracks, it must be 3 months.
It is (to my knowledge) the only existing (with realtracks)
What I like most is that you write an agreement, you choose the style and it sounds, I was using before MIDI but it was really a lot of work to assign sounds (to approach the sound of the instrument.)
For music I do (rock / pop), it is ideal, it's like having a group of sizes (this software is alive)
Here are the musicians who play (it is true that some agreements sound bizzare, and drum sounds are more or less the same)
The only criticism we can do is he can not separate the components of the battery (reverb on snare for example) the sound of the musician can not really be reworked, but the possibilities are enormous I think I ' have explored in 5%, and the more I'm not a musician (I play the guitar very badly)
The value for money is very good (it cost me 300 euros with all realtracks and customs fees included)
I not only remake that choice but the more I buy regularly updates and new realtracks.
Go listen to the demos on the site
The day they come out of realtracks sections of copper and violins
this will be the best software (for songs) in the world.
Oh I get carried away a little.
I could talk about this software all night but it's late.