vArranger vArranger 2
vArranger vArranger 2

vArranger 2, Software Arranger from vArranger.

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stompboxjon 08/27/2012

vArranger vArranger 2 : stompboxjon's user review

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vArranger 2 has been on my quad core Windows Vista PC for a few year now. I hardly ever really used it after purchasing it for a discounted rate years ago. The vArranger 2 isn’t that expensive to begin with, but after purchasing it for 50 percent off (which was the only reason I really got it because I didn’t need it) I only messed with it a few times off and on. The potential that the vArranger 2 has is very exponential. You can really do a lot with it, I didn’t even hear about this until I was on the forums online and hear someone else talking about it. I have never seen a manual for vArranger 2. I have not had any compatibility issues with it either. As I said It has only been on my quad core pc and not my macbook or any other system.


The software seems to work great in its configuration and works just like it is suppose to . I have seen it crash, but I really have not used it long enough to dig deep into it and test to see how it can handle a real work load. It has been installed on my system for about a could years, but total time using it I would say may add up to around a month and a half. I probably wont use it again, just because I don’t have a need for it. But I think if you are looking to purchasing it, it is a great buy! You will love it and it will grow on you even if you aren’t a beginner.


The best part of the vArranger 2 that caught my attention is the midi maps and sequencing. They are very fluid and easy on the eye. The sequencing is very “tight” and accurate. I have seen other versions of vArranger but this is the only one that I currently have installed on my system. Very good starting program, or could be good for a music veteran. It really comes down into what your liking and taste is In your midi programming.