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Thread Do Squiers really suck that bad?

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1 Do Squiers really suck that bad?
I look for an electric less than 500EUR to upgrade from my first one. I like telecasters but cannot find a satisfactory sound very easily within my price range. I'm searching for a rosewood fretboard (I detest maple), and found a Squier tele with rosewood fretboard for about 350EUR!

In France, the stores suck and make it hard to test out guitars with their amplifiers. Have any of you tested this guitar, or other squiers? On paper, I do very much like what I have read, but I remember testing a squier years ago and hating its sound, and while I am not superficial, I hate that it says squier on the headstock!

I need help however, because I cannot find another guitar that fits my needs

One small step for man, one giant headbutt for Zizou

Honestly, I thought the exact same and was so glad I got my mexican made tele way back in 2005 instead of the Squiers they had. But that was then, this is now: Squier's come a long way

I wrote a review about my friend's squier jazzmaster, truly is a beauty and feels and sounds PERFECT (after some slight mods). He also has a modified squier jaguar that he did a review about here: https://en.audiofanzine.com/electric-solidbody-guitar-with-jz-jg-body/squier/vintage-modified-series-jaguar-olympic-white/user_reviews/r.123369.html

Take a look, he's a geek so he goes very in-depth and has audio samples so you can see/hear for yourself, but I would DEFINITELY give it a shot!